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Lexi D
9 lat
Poznaj Lexi D
Lexi has taught thousands of classes in different countries. Her students love her patience and her laughter. And parents appreciate her ability to extend conversation and help children master reading and proper pronunciation. Lexi is a serious teacher who can help your child succeed in mastering the English language. Noblesville, Indiana, USA
Ciekawostki o Lexi D!
Znak wyboru I have 7 kids! Yes, really!
Znak wyboru I play and teach piano
Znak wyboru My dad would draw cartoon pictures to put in my lunchbox when I went to school. I loved reading the cartoons to my friends.
Znak wyboru I have a tiny white and black pomeranian who guards the door while I teach my students. She sometimes likes to come into class to meet my students.
Znak wyboru I always wanted to be a librarian because I love to read
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