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Robyn R
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Robyn has taught over 5000 students and loves getting to know each and every one! She will make sure you work hard to learn English, but don't worry you will still have a good time, and plenty of laughs! Robin loves show and tell, so bring something fun to share! She is happiest when her students are having fun! From Canada, living in Atenas, Costa Rica
Ciekawostki o Robyn R!
Znak wyboru I live abroad, and love to travel!
Znak wyboru I'm learning Spanish! Hola amigos!
Znak wyboru Ever since I can remember I have NOT liked onions! Yuck!
Znak wyboru My rescue dog, Rollie, has a crooked smile!
Znak wyboru My favorite cartoon when I was a kid was Smurfs, and I preferred watching it with a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal. I also have a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and Licorice.
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