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Poznaj Tina
Tina has many years of experience teachings in the classroom. She grew up in California and has spent her time helping others, learn English. She is caring, passionate and engages with each student in her classroom. She truly enjoys teaching and can't for you to meet Zac and Stella her friendly helpers. From California, USA, living in Panama, Panama City
Ciekawostki o Tina!
Znak wyboru Love to sing, and have concerts in class .
Znak wyboru I enjoy traveling, I have been to Amsterdam, Germany and now Panama.
Znak wyboru My favorite candy is a snickers bar, because when I was a little girl my grandmother would also sneak me a piece. Now whenever I eat one when I think of her.
Znak wyboru I love the smell of coconut, it reminds me of my favorite place, which is the beach.
Znak wyboru When I was a child I wanted to become a Veterinarian. I always dreamed of having a farm and taking care of injured animals.
Dostępność Tina
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